Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Monster eats the pilot...

*Posted January 18, 2009*

Season 4 was a long time ago, and for those who haven't bought the DVDs or watched for free on, I'm going to quickly point out what the main groups of people where doing right before the end of "There's No Place Like Home Part 2."

JACK and the Oceanic 6: As Ben points out, everyone has to head back to the Island. Jeremy Bentham (aka Dead Locke) somehow convinced Jack that the only way to save everyone is to return to the Island, and now Ben is in town to make sure it happens. Sayid kills a Widmore spy outside of Santa Rosa, then busts Hurley out. Kate is greeted by ghost Claire in a dream where she tells him "Don't you dare bring him back!" (Is she talking about Aaron... or Locke?) As for Sun...

SUN and Jin: Sun sucks, and hysterical Sun is a million times worse. But is Jin really dead? Sun seems to think so since he's got his own tombstone. Jin has already survived an exploding raft, I'm sure an exploding freighter isn't much worse. Anyway, Sun was last seen in London talking to evil baddie Charles Widmore. Apparently, they share a common enemy. I say that Jin's not dead. It would be a serious waste of all those Engrish ressons.

SAWYER and the remaining Losties: Juliet is devastated after watching her latest chance off the Island blow up. We assume Faraday and the nobodies on the boat also moved with the Island. Locke supposedly told Jack that after the 6 left, things didn't go so well for those on the beach. This include Miles, C.S. Lewis, Rose, Bernard, and some others (Vincent and Frogurt?) Everyone believes Juliet and Sawyer will hook up. Thumbs down.

LOCKE and the Others: Once Ben turns the frozen donkey wheel, we last see on-Island Locke meet up with Richard Alpert and the rest of the Others. They are ready to follow his every word, but we have no idea what that will mean. Of course, 3 years and change later, off-Island Locke is in a coffin.

DESMOND and Penny: Something had to go right for our castaways in the finale, and this was it. Stranded on a liferaft, the Oceanic 6 are rescued by Penny and her search boat. But once the 6 are prepped to carry out their phony rescue story, we say goodbye to Desmond, Penny, and Frank Lapidus. Luckily for everyone, previews show Desmond and Penny (and their newborn babe! Mazel tov!) saying goodbye. Looks like he is coming back, too! Andy's man-crush will live on.

Boone must already be dead...

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