Wednesday, April 29, 2009

POLITICS: Glenn Beck Tears Up at Fox (Double-meaning!!!)

*Posted April 13, 2009*

I've watched Glenn Beck for the past 2 years, so I find it interesting that all of a sudden, the left wing media is up in arms about his end-of-the-world paranoia at FOX News. To be clear, Beck was ALWAYS an over-the-top conservative entertainer. He did well at CNN and iwas the host of the 3rd most popular show on radio. Nobody was calling for his head. He wasn't the Worst Person in the World for Olbermann every other night, and he certainly never showed in the NY Times or on sites like Digg. Yet, now that he is affiliated with the Fox News brand, the left has gone ballistic! Olbermann claims he is responsible for encouraging the guy who went nuts and killed 3 cops in Pittsburgh. Colbert and Jon Stewart have all of a sudden taken an interest in mocking him. The NY Times wrote a cover story about him. Being the conservative that I am, I think they do these things out of fear because Beck has caught fire at Fox News and is speaking to a much larger audience. They are now threatened by him. So what's his shtick and why are the fans loving him? Glenn hits such a range of personalities during the course of his show (self-deprecating comedian, angry populist, teary-eyed patriot, paranoid harbinger of doom) that you can't help but be entertained. He has been predicting this mess of an economy at least a year or two in advance of it actually happening. Since the start of the mess in October, he's been predicting a march towards Socialism (and with the Govt. firing and influencing CEOS of once-private companies, might he be on to something?) Incidentally, I love how the new word that the Dems don't want people associating with them is "socialism." In 2004, John Kerry did everything he could to distance himself from the "liberal" label because he thought it would freak people out. Now, we are okay with liberal but just don't mention "socialism." Anyway, Beck's success is unheard of for a 5:00 pm show (eat it, Around the Horn) since he's already the 3rd most popular cable news show. Is the left too late in trying to stop him?

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