Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Along with Fox News, this website needs to a watchdog for the far-left establishment that is probably the most powerful in America's history with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi in power. Bernie Goldberg, former CBS employee and current Fox News contributor and author, appeared on the O'Reilly Factor about a week ago with his list of the Top 5 Worst Smear Merchants in the Mainstream Media. Both sides of the political aisle disagree with each other, while "most," i'll give the media a little credit, try to debate, these top five pervade hate on top of their political commentary.

5. Hollywood Glitzocracy (Janeane Garofalo) - The Hollywood elite try to seem smart and educated when they should really stick to acting. Goldberg tries to encompass all facets of the media in his list and chooses ultra-left Garofalo as the carrier of this umbrealla. Sean Penn, Tom Hanks, or George Clooney may have been better choices, but I think Garofalo is ok because she just makes such a fool out of herself. Too many people actually listen to these "political geniuses," and that is a problem.

4. Bill Moyers - Goldberg points out that Moyers represents the liberal elite media and O'Reilly correctly says that nobody watches Moyers on PBS. This spot would probably be for Dan Rather if he was still working. Moyers probably isn't that big of a deal. If I don't know too much about him, loser college students probably don't pay too much attention to him either.

3. Daily Kos - What do you do if you are insecure and hate the world? You become a Democrat and post your opinions on some internet forum. Enter the Daily Kos and to a lesser extent the Huffington Post. It's just a huge posting forum for far-left wacks to spout their conservative hate and spread lies. They started the false rumor that Sarah Palin's down syndrome baby was not actually her's but her daughter's. What's even more laughable is the the creator of the Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas, sounds real American, is considered some political expert by the mainstream media. Liberals complain about the Drudge Report, which is only links to different news sources and columnists, the Daily Kos is hateful, pathetic, and entirely different.

2. New York Times - When I was a freshman at Penn State, I starting to get the NY Times before class to kind of look "smart" I guess. That didn't last long. Considered to be the greatest newspaper in the world, the NY Times is simply a far-left propaganda machine that is about to go bankrupt this year.

1. MSNBC - Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews, anything else need to be said? What a joke. It's not even close to news and these "commentators" are not even close to being journalists. Calling themselves a news channel is downright laughable. They should just call themselves a liberal club. Who watches MSNBC? Nobody, they are a distant third in the cable news ratings behind Fox and CNN.

A pretty solid list. You can watch the Factor segment with Bernie Goldberg here. The main point of this is that these things are perfectly fine in an Democracy, but realize that all five parts of the media not only disagree with conservatives but flat-out hate them. Beyond that, they should not be taken seriously. Hollywood losers and the Daily Kos founder treated as political experts? A major newspaper and an outlet of a major news program blantantly far-left? It's good to have debate, but it's entirely different for the mainstream media to be completely one-sided and hateful to the other side. In an age of Obama where Hope and Change has turned into socialism, we on the right need to be watchdogs.

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