Wednesday, April 29, 2009

URBAN LEGEND: Top 10 Sports Moments of the Year

*Posted April 7, 2009*

It's really hard to believe that this website has been going strong for one full year. 99.9% of the credit has to go to Dan for keeping the site afloat and relevant. All I really do is write a few paragraphs every week or so and sometimes do a Top Ten about once a month. Just like the beginning, Top Ten remains heavily conservative and pro-Pittsburgh, which is great. Besides Doc Jensen, this website has some of the most cutting edge LOST content and discussion on the internet. Hopefully Top Ten continues its solid run and makes it through year two as swiftly as it did during year one. When nothing else pops into my mind, I usually write about sports. Here are my Top Ten sports moments from the past year (April 2008-April 2009), and wow, what a great year it has been.

10. 3/28/09 - Villanova 78 Pittsburgh 76 - Even though it was a loss, it was one of the better college basketball games I have ever watched. It was nice to see Pitt make it past the Sweet 16 even though they missed out on the Final Four. This is probably the furthest the Panthers will go in the foreseeable future.

9. 1/11/09 - Steelers 35 Chargers 24 - The ESPN idiots were praising the great Chargers all week. After the Steeler victory, I thought to myself, if the Steelers play to their capabilities, they are going to win the Super Bowl.

8. 5/18/08 - Penguins 6 Flyers 0 - Pundits were saying the edge was with Philly after their game four victory. The Pens quickly put that to rest with an absolute shellacking in game five and moved on to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in roughly 15 years.

7. 12/7/08 - Steelers 20 Cowboys 13 - Romo throwing interceptions and Terrell Owens crying on the sideline. Is there anything better than that for Steeler fans?

6. 4/25/08 - Penguins 5 Rangers 4 - I thought New York may pose a challenge to Pittsburgh in the second round of the playoffs. Things were not looking great with an early 2-0 or 3-0, can't remember, lead for the Rangers. The Pens came storming back and capped it all off with a Sidney Crosby third period go ahead goal. Game one was the turning point of this series and propelled the Pens past the Rangers and subsequently past the Flyers.

5. 12/14/08 - Steelers 13 Ravens 9 - Before this game, I was not the biggest Big Ben supporter. After, I realized he was a true winner.

4. 10/25/08 - Penn State 13 Ohio State 6 - I remember being so nervous beforehand and was just pacing around my living room during the entire game. This was probably Penn State's best road win since the 1980s and propelled them to stay in the hunt for the National Championship Game.

3. 6/2/08 - Penguins 4 Red Wings 3 - After the first two games, I think we realized it would take a monumental effort to beat the mighty wings, but this game made Penguin fans believe. Marc-Andre Fleury moved into the upper echelon of NHL goaltenders, and Petr Sykora capped off a game for the ages.

2. 1/18/09 - Steelers 23 Ravens 14 - Pittsburgh's first home win in an AFC Championship game since the Jim Harbaugh game in early 1996. Top it off with a victory over the most hated Ravens, then you have an easy pick for inclusion towards the top of this list.

1. 2/1/09 - Steelers 27 Cardinals 23 - The James Harrison interception. The Ben Roethlisberger drive. The Santonio Holmes catch. What a game, and what a way to cap off Pittsburgh's magical season. If you are from the Pittsburgh area and were born after 1980, this is probably the greatest game of your life, and along with the 2005 season, the greatest feeling a Pittsburgh fan can have.

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