Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV: The Week in Review

*Posted February 15, 2009*

Monday: 24 had its best episode of the season. Jack Bauer, rogue CTU, and the female Jack Bauer had until the end of the episode to find the First Gentleman, and thanks to some awesome torture that was wayyyyyy unnerving (it involved a toddler), Jack went commando on a group of African terrorists holding the guy hostage, leading to jaw dropping ending. 24 is at its best when its action packed. A+

Tuesday: I'm officially done with Nip/Tuck. The whole Christian/Liz "relationship" is stupid, sickening, and retarded. I will no longer TiVo episodes. Thanks for ruining a great show. F

Wednesday: Another show also had it's best episode of the season. They weren't lying when they said that they would start answering some mysteries. We found out earlier in the season that the thick layer of concrete in the Hatch held ol Jughead (but wouldn't the explosion be catastrophic?), and this week we were told Rousseau's back story. They explained the death of Robert (I kept pronouncing it Ro-bear like Little John in the Disney Cartoon), and whose arm it was that Vincent played fetch with back in the day. We also got an awesome death, some Christian Shephard, and even Sawyer is kinda likeable. I am loving LOST right now. A+

Thursday: Sorry guys, but the Office was mediocre this week. Pam and Michael's trip north to see Holly was not funny (but plenty cringeworthy), and Jim and Dwights efforts to plan a birthday party couldn't save the episode. They were very amusing, but the Angela/cats subplot was terrible. Angela = worst character. C-

Friday: Joss Whedon's new show premiered!!!!!!!!!!!! They gave it the Friday night death slot (just like Firefly......sigh...), but this show is no Firefly. I don't care for Eliza Dushku because I still remember her as the stupid teen girl in True Lies and Bye Bye Love). The premise is about a secret agency that embeds blank "dolls" with new personalities who are hired by clients. It honestly didn't hold my interest for very long. I will not be tuning in next week. Sorry, Joss. Work on a Dr. Horrible sequel. D

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