Wednesday, April 29, 2009

URBAN LEGEND Ann Coulter, Octuplets, and the Downfall of Traditional America

*Posted February 7, 2009*

A sexy cover pose as well as some pretty solid content makes Ann Coulter's new book, Guilty, a pretty good read through the first few chapters. Loyal Top Man readers will remember that webmaster Herb and myself got to see conservative-sparkplug Coulter at Penn State. Among the heckling and stupid questions, Coulter was an enjoyable political commentator slash stand-up comedian. She does say some outrageous things, but a lot of her words should be thought about and taken very seriously. The main thesis of her book is that liberals portray themselves as helping victims when in fact they simply parade victims when debating conservatives. Coulter contends that liberals “are not wounded victims, they are the marauding oppressors,” in a sense they aren’t innocent but guilty. The media has jumped and blasted on Coulter’s chapter about single mothers. She states that single motherhood has been more detrimental to American society than something like smoking. Children raised by single-mothers are more liking to commit crime, drop out of high school, and have mental and emotional disorders. It's ironic that during this economic recession, a widespread smoking-ban in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere I suppose, created by the government in Harrisburg and others, has hurt the revenues of local restaurants, bars, and bingo halls. Something to think about.

And now we have this octuplet case. A single mother, living with her parents, having no job, already having six children, and now getting eight embryos artificially inseminated inside of her. She’s been on the Today Show, book deals have been rumored, and she has her own spokeswoman. Everyone raises the ethical questions, but she is becoming a star. She is the story. What about the babies? Not just the eight newborns, but the six she already has. Fourteen babies with eight newborns that need around the clock medical care. The mother, Nadya Suleman seems or wants to resemble Angelina Jolie. Not only does she not have a husband or money, it doesn’t seem like she has much common sense. What's also very shocking is that Bill O'Reilly is the only person in the media that is really speaking out negatively about the whole situation.

So you have Ann Coulter being blasted for giving some solid facts and trends about single-motherhood, and you have Miss Octuplet being praised for undertaking the task of raising 14 children on her own. What happened to this country? What happened to kids being raised by a mother and a father? What happened to families spending time together and eating dinner together? Miss Suleman may try to even make money on having kids. Traditional American values are being lost in this country. Is it ok to have 14 kids? Yes, but you need financial stability and a husband. It’s ok to be a single-mother, but it’s not ok for the liberal media to proclaim these mothers as crusaders or heroes. This country was built on the traditional family values of honor, respect, humility, freedom, and liberty. Without the traditional family backbone, America is turning into a nation of dishonor, greed, and total stupidity. The United States will not return to greatness unless it reexamines itself and puts the importance of the traditional family first.

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