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*Posted March 28, 2009*

This past week, I had an in-depth chat with my older brother about the latest brain-busting theories on LOST. Keep the Advil close by....

RobertTheBruce89 (6:33:33 PM):i have some interesting questions for you
RobertTheBruce89 (6:33:42 PM):why did sayid spawn so far away from the rest of the group?
RobertTheBruce89 (6:33:59 PM):where was he while the rest were being rescued by Sawyer?
RobertTheBruce89 (6:34:08 PM):how did he get inside the fence with handcuffs on?
SteelcityJ (6:34:27 PM): good points but didnt jack spawn in the jungle
RobertTheBruce89 (6:34:35 PM):but they all spawned together
RobertTheBruce89 (6:34:38 PM):sayid was leagues away
SteelcityJ (6:35:18 PM): when the plane went through time (or whatever), they all went with it, right
RobertTheBruce89 (6:35:30 PM):right
SteelcityJ (6:35:34 PM): but when it crashed, only some stayed
RobertTheBruce89 (6:36:23 PM):wait, i dont get what you mean
SteelcityJ (6:36:37 PM): well why were jack/kate/hugo not in the plane
SteelcityJ (6:36:47 PM): but sun/be/frank were
SteelcityJ (6:36:52 PM): and sayid was ???
RobertTheBruce89 (6:37:08 PM):ill answer your question with another question
RobertTheBruce89 (6:37:19 PM):when magical locke went off the island, who DIDNT he visit?
SteelcityJ (6:37:32 PM): he did visit sayid
RobertTheBruce89 (6:37:35 PM):yes he did
SteelcityJ (6:37:42 PM): no sun
RobertTheBruce89 (6:37:45 PM):ooooooooooo
SteelcityJ (6:37:49 PM): so what
SteelcityJ (6:37:55 PM): thats why she goes to purgatory
SteelcityJ (6:37:59 PM): with frank
RobertTheBruce89 (6:37:55 PM):no visit
RobertTheBruce89 (6:37:58 PM):no ticket through time
RobertTheBruce89 (6:38:15 PM):but back to my original point
RobertTheBruce89 (6:38:21 PM):obviously sayid was doing something
RobertTheBruce89 (6:38:35 PM):and perhaps he was captured...
RobertTheBruce89 (6:38:38 PM):by the Others?
RobertTheBruce89 (6:38:53 PM):who snuck him inside the fence to play possum just like henry gale!
SteelcityJ (6:39:12 PM): hmmm
SteelcityJ (6:39:21 PM): the richard alperts
RobertTheBruce89 (6:40:51 PM):it's possible
SteelcityJ (6:40:58 PM): whats the point though
RobertTheBruce89 (6:41:06 PM):perhaps sayid has an agenda
RobertTheBruce89 (6:41:19 PM):that goes against the Dharma Initiative
RobertTheBruce89 (6:41:42 PM):if nothing else, alpert understands the importance of 815ers
SteelcityJ (6:42:06 PM): well there are a lot of sayid holes
SteelcityJ (6:42:26 PM): he went from assassin to home builder to outlaw to island
SteelcityJ (6:42:33 PM): and nobody can bridge those gaps right
RobertTheBruce89 (6:42:50 PM):right
RobertTheBruce89 (6:48:25 PM):heres another tidbit to make your brain hurt
RobertTheBruce89 (6:48:35 PM):c. shephard told sun and lapidus "follow me"
RobertTheBruce89 (6:48:59 PM):the same words were said by Jesus Christ to Peter and the other guy when they left their boats behind to follow the Lord
RobertTheBruce89 (6:49:06 PM):Peter is latin for STONE
RobertTheBruce89 (6:49:13 PM):Lapidus is greek for STONE
SteelcityJ (6:49:30 PM): ugh. spoilerfix or lostpedia??
RobertTheBruce89 (6:49:55 PM):no, some nerd on the EW message board
SteelcityJ (6:50:11 PM): ohhh thats right
SteelcityJ (6:50:14 PM): dan doc jensen is a homo
RobertTheBruce89 (6:56:10 PM):can old ben even go through time like the others?
RobertTheBruce89 (6:56:30 PM):or he is just going to find present day alpert or jacob
SteelcityJ (6:57:01 PM): so youre saying he can never meet kid linus
RobertTheBruce89 (6:58:05 PM):ive no reason to think he can suddenly flash through time like the 815ers
RobertTheBruce89 (6:58:14 PM):alpert and ethan couldnt, and they were natives
SteelcityJ (6:58:24 PM): i thought the time flashes were over???
SteelcityJ (6:58:34 PM): right, bentham?
RobertTheBruce89 (6:58:34 PM):well yeah, but there has to be one more to get everyone back together
RobertTheBruce89 (6:58:39 PM):lost isnt going to end in the 70s
RobertTheBruce89 (6:58:46 PM):somehow they have to make it present day
RobertTheBruce89 (6:58:57 PM):unless the goal of this season is to change history and relive season 1
SteelcityJ (6:59:11 PM): bring back chaaaaaalie
RobertTheBruce89 (6:59:18 PM):nope, charlie died for a reason
RobertTheBruce89 (6:59:36 PM):the thinking is, Lockes destiny has always been to lead the Others
RobertTheBruce89 (6:59:50 PM):but because of jerks like Ben, it never happened
RobertTheBruce89 (7:00:09 PM):because it never happened, the wrong people went to the Island (boone, shannon, frogurt, everone who died)
RobertTheBruce89 (7:00:46 PM):so, when Locke wakes up like jesus and gets everyone back on the same timezone, it will be as it always shouldve been
RobertTheBruce89 (7:01:11 PM):815 shouldve had faraday, miles, the n00bs, maybe even juliet and desmond
SteelcityJ (7:01:25 PM): lapidus shouldve flown 815, dont forget
RobertTheBruce89 (7:01:31 PM):and from there they go on to fulfill their purpose
SteelcityJ (7:01:33 PM): maybe why smokey took out the pilot
SteelcityJ (7:01:47 PM): eko? wrong african?
SteelcityJ (7:01:54 PM): and what about WAAAAALT
RobertTheBruce89 (7:02:10 PM):walt has also served his purpose
RobertTheBruce89 (7:02:17 PM):it was his job to make it to the island
RobertTheBruce89 (7:02:26 PM):so that his dad for hunt for him to get him back
SteelcityJ (7:02:27 PM): why
RobertTheBruce89 (7:02:31 PM):so they could leave the island
SteelcityJ (7:02:35 PM): lame
RobertTheBruce89 (7:02:39 PM):so michael could help the freighter get back
SteelcityJ (7:02:55 PM): how does general widmore fit
RobertTheBruce89 (7:02:57 PM):the island needed walt in order to protect itself from keamy
RobertTheBruce89 (7:03:52 PM):we dont know his role because we still dont know if hes good or bad
RobertTheBruce89 (7:04:08 PM):but he might still be on the island if not for ben
RobertTheBruce89 (7:04:14 PM):who shouldve been locke
SteelcityJ (7:04:35 PM): ben shouldve been widmores leader
RobertTheBruce89 (7:05:49 PM):imagine, if ben was captured by widmore and his keamy plan, locke wouldve been forced to move the island
RobertTheBruce89 (7:06:03 PM):which is what christian wanted him to do all along
RobertTheBruce89 (7:06:18 PM):and thats why he was allowed to die
SteelcityJ (7:06:43 PM): so he'd be brought back??
RobertTheBruce89 (7:08:03 PM):not only him, but also the 6
RobertTheBruce89 (7:08:36 PM):but christian/jacobs plan was to have locke move the island
SteelcityJ (7:08:58 PM): right, but ben did
SteelcityJ (7:09:15 PM): so christian/jacobs plan shouldve included killing ben
SteelcityJ (7:09:29 PM): which they did a bad job of, with smokey sucking them all up
RobertTheBruce89 (7:10:01 PM):it gets confusing if we think about this too much
RobertTheBruce89 (7:10:28 PM):because if ben WASNT the leader of the Others, he never orders them to build the runway that saves their lives in the future
SteelcityJ (7:22:57 PM): so what are the repercussions of locke blowing the sub
RobertTheBruce89 (7:23:30 PM):it keeps them on the island long enough for the freighter to get there
RobertTheBruce89 (7:24:03 PM):so i guess it was a good thing, no matter how much jack complained abouti t
SteelcityJ (7:24:32 PM): janitor jack is powerless on this new island
SteelcityJ (7:24:43 PM): maybe it will drive him to Dharma Vicodin
RobertTheBruce89 (7:25:24 PM):this seems like a different jack
RobertTheBruce89 (7:25:36 PM):old jack never wouldve been able to just sit on his but to wait for sawyer
SteelcityJ (7:25:52 PM): old jack took whatever girl he wanted
SteelcityJ (7:26:08 PM): old jack almost shot locke (wonder if it was really loaded)
RobertTheBruce89 (7:26:19 PM):ooooo good point
RobertTheBruce89 (7:27:11 PM):when jack sees zombie locke, he will no longer be able to deny their destinies
SteelcityJ (7:27:42 PM): will he complete his transformation into man of faith
RobertTheBruce89 (7:29:35 PM):i wonder what their end game really will be
RobertTheBruce89 (7:30:01 PM):because they've setup this big grand scheme where everyone has gone out of their way to get these people together to fulfill some master plan
RobertTheBruce89 (7:30:06 PM):that master plan better be awesome
SteelcityJ (7:30:09 PM): something ridiculous. if it involves that Abomb blowing up, im done
RobertTheBruce89 (7:30:40 PM):if it involves nuclear war everywhere else in the world and only the LOSTIES are left to rebuild humanity, im done
SteelcityJ (7:30:53 PM): and locke goes to mars, im done
RobertTheBruce89 (7:33:03 PM):lets not forget
RobertTheBruce89 (7:33:18 PM):if something significant happens in dharmaville, young ben wouldve remembered and old ben would know about it
SteelcityJ (7:33:29 PM): wow
SteelcityJ (7:33:33 PM): in real-time
RobertTheBruce89 (7:33:51 PM):either he gets hit with the info like desmond, or he always knew about it (more likely)
RobertTheBruce89 (7:43:14 PM):some people think that the Barracks had those swinging signs and pictures that none of us remember because Sun and Frank are in an alternate timeline
RobertTheBruce89 (7:44:56 PM):and WHATS GOING ON AT THE TEMPLE?!?!
RobertTheBruce89 (8:06:30 PM):i agree
RobertTheBruce89 (8:22:54 PM):there is proof that faraday is wrong
RobertTheBruce89 (8:23:07 PM):whatever happened, happened is false!
SteelcityJ (8:23:12 PM): why
SteelcityJ (8:23:31 PM): seemed like a flimsy opinion
RobertTheBruce89 (8:23:32 PM):when lapidus was bringin the plane in, the numbers were heard on the radio
RobertTheBruce89 (8:24:26 PM):so heres the timeline we know
RobertTheBruce89 (8:24:47 PM):pre-80s, dharma transmission of the numbers on the radio, these are the numbers that crashed rousseaus boat
RobertTheBruce89 (8:25:11 PM):mid 80s, rousseau changes the transmission to her french distress call, this is what the castaways heard
RobertTheBruce89 (8:25:25 PM):at the end of season 3, charlie disables all transmissions
RobertTheBruce89 (8:25:41 PM):yet, when lapidus brought the plane in, they heard the numbers from the pre 80s
SteelcityJ (8:30:40 PM): sounds like a production error
RobertTheBruce89 (8:31:17 PM):no way, thats a conscious decision, they dont overlook anything over at team cuse
SteelcityJ (8:31:59 PM): so what. the past has been changed already?
RobertTheBruce89 (8:32:08 PM):maybe
RobertTheBruce89 (8:32:22 PM):but that would mean rousseaus boat never landing
RobertTheBruce89 (8:32:27 PM):and ben never raising alex
RobertTheBruce89 (8:32:46 PM):but that also makes you wander why the dharma signs were still at the barracks
RobertTheBruce89 (8:32:51 PM):and the dharma pictures
RobertTheBruce89 (8:34:18 PM):it also makes you wander why locke is suddenly alive
RobertTheBruce89 (8:34:26 PM):all 4 of those things point toward a new future
RobertTheBruce89 (8:34:37 PM):which would be dumb
SteelcityJ (8:34:44 PM): and thus
SteelcityJ (8:34:46 PM): 815 doesnt crash
SteelcityJ (8:35:08 PM): or it does and none of the A-teamers are onbaord

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