Wednesday, April 29, 2009


THE OCEANIC 6: The first part of the season was a guessing game? Who is going to be one of the 6? What might it mean for those who aren't in the 6? Does Aaron REALLY count? It was a cool little mystery game the kept us talking between episodes. 9/10

FLASH FORWARDS: A breath of fresh air. Figuring out where events happen in the grand timeline is a fun puzzle, and each scene is vital and urgent. Although the seasons had 3 or 4 flashbacks (Freightees, Desmond, Juliet, Michael), only Juliet's was especially terrible. 9/10

THE FREIGHTEES: Almost perfect. Faraday, Lapidus, and Keamy all rocked. I still like Miles even though no one else cares for him. The only hiccup is the under utilized C.S. Lewis. Because of the strike-shortened season, a lot of storylines had to be cut (most notably hers). What we got was a stuck-up broad with a bitchy 'tude. But at the end of the season, I started to warm up to her because we finally find out important nuggets (she was probably born on the Island). 9/10

TEAM LOCKE vs. TEAM JACK: Locke's integration back into the camp was cool, mostly because it brought a lot pouty faces out of Jack ("you KILLED Naomi!"). Even though Locke was right, his camp gets annihilated. 8/10

EMERGENCE OF BEN: How he weaseled his was out of capitivity is a wonder, but he makes it look easy. He sealed his position at the top of my rankings after unleashing all hell (and Smokey the monster) on the commandos. His daughter is dead, and his feud with Widmore looks to be epic. 10/10

WELCOME BACK, MICHAEL: Kevin Johnson is here to die, so I enjoyed everything about his time in Season 4. He left on a perfect note (two for the road) but still redeemed himself with a spooky back story, helping Desmond and Sayid, and sacrificing himself in the end. 8/10

JACK'S APPENDICITIS: Turd storyline of the season. We obviously know that he cannot die, so there's investment in the surgery or post-op. And it really doesn't matter anyway, since stubborn Jack continues to run around the Island anyway. The only purpose it serves is it effectively ends the Jack/Juliet relationship. She knows his kisses are meant for Kate. Still stupid. 5/10

LOCKE TALKS TO THE ISLAND: Finally able to embrace his destiny, Locke caps of a stellar episode by communing with the voice of Jacob. How does he save the Island? He has to move it. 10/10

WE HAVE TO GO BAAAACK!: The flashforwards show Jack as the level-headed hero we know and love. When does he breakdown? And for what reason? All we know is that he makes the most of his life by hooking up with Kate, raising Aaron, and checking in on Hurley. When Hurley suggests to Jack that they made a mistake, he immediately dismisses. Waiting for the other foot to drop was a big part of the flash forward suspense in season 4. 10/10

THE FINALE: Locke's dead! The freighter blows up! THE ISLAND MOVES! This one definitely brings the goods. 10/10


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