Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WEB: Prank Wars

*Posted March 4, 2009*

Don't ask me why, but I've been watching a lot of College Humor this week (also LOTR). It was always a great place to go to see fat kids falling off things and other embarassing bits, but I always thought that their original stuff was overhyped and given 'likes' without deserving them. I was mostly wrong. I first got hooked on their video games weekly show, which is just them sitting around making jokes while playing old games, and then I got into their skits (like watching an amateur version of "the Office"). One of the best things on the site is the PRANK WARS . It started innocently enough, and before you know it, these two guys are performing elaborate pranks on each other like fake marriage proposals on the Yankee Stadium big screen, and fake appearances on TV shows. The most recent edition is number one on Digg right now, so I guess it's gone viral? Anyway, it's posted below for your enjoyment. Also, the College Humor guys now have a TV show on MTV, but you can watch the episodes on their website.

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