Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who Will Die on LOST Before the Season Finale?

No spoilers here, LOST fans, just plain old conjecture. Every season, one of the original 815ers bites the dust. Boone died toward the end of season 1, Shannon early on in season 2, Charlie at the end of 3, and Michael at the end of season 4. This year, only Charlotte has died, and she doesn't count. So here is my list of characters most likely to die.

1. Sayid - I was a little peeved in Season 3 when Sayid told Jack that he would gladly sacrifice his life if it meant getting everyone else off the Island. He was obviously ready to go then, so Tom should've upped the stakes in the Others vs. LOSTies war and killed Sayid. Since then, Sayid has gone on to become a cool assassin, but recently his story line has reached a bit of a conclusion. He has no more purpose. His long lost love is dead. He returned to the Island to do what he thought he was meant to do (kill Ben Linus). Now he's in the middle of the jungle. I just don't see a happy ending for Sayid.

2. Kate - I really want her to be the one that dies. All the guys are drooling over hot Juliet right now, for good reason, and Kate is just taking up space. It's unlikely that she actually will die, since her goal is to track down Claire.

3. Sun - How great would this be? LOST has teased us with Jin's fate twice (first tricking us into thinking he was alive, and then tricking us with his "death"), but perhaps the real twist is Sun getting gunned down by someone like Ben. Her mission is to find her husband again, but who's saying they'll be reunited that long?

4. LaFleur - Jim's life was perfect when everyone else was out of the picture. He was happy playing house with Dharma Iniative, but he's never been able to fit in in the present world. Something big is coming up with the Incident. LaFleur has grown close to his Dharma buddies over the past 3 years, perhaps he tries to do something to protect Horace or Amy and ends up getting killed for it. We talk about everyone's mission in returning to the Island, but Sawyer doesn't really have one. He doesn't care about seeing his daughter, and he doesn't care about returning to the future. There's a big wave coming over the horizon, and anyone who's treading water is going down. It's a shame though, I'm starting to warm to Jim.

I think everyone else (Locke, Jack, Jin, and Hurley) has nothing to worry about.

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