Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV: The Return of L O S T

*Posted January 11, 2008*

This means LOST Power Ranking! Also, check out this bracket and vote for your favorite LOST scenes. My ideal Final 4 would include Locke in a wheelchair, Two for the road executions, "We have to go back!", and Desmond calling Penny.

10. PENNY WIDMORE (7) - Hot and rich. Maybe she'll kill Sun before Sun gets to her dad.

9. JACK SHEPHARD (5) - I'm starting to turn on the good Dr. I can't stand that he wants to be with Kate when she pretty much chooses Sawyer over him every time. I can't stand him on the Island, where he whines and cries and yells when he doesn't get his way. The only cool Jack is the "we have to go baaaaaaack!" Jack

8. FRANK LAPIDUS (10) - Probably the most trustworthy guy on the Island. What role will he play, if any, in the new season?

7. CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD (8) - Would contend with Pam Beesely for the "Whitest Sneakers" Dundy.

6. JULIET BURKE (6) - I swear, if she hooks up with asshole Sawyer, I'll drop her down where Kate is (Bottom 5).

5. MIKHAIL BAKUNIN (3) - Still dead. Still awesome.

4. DANIEL FARADAY (12) - He gets a big jump because he is probably the only person who can explain to me what the hell is going on.

3. DESMOND HUME (2) - I fear that his story is wrapping up, but he reunion with Penny means I can die a happy man. Third place is not a bad place to end up.

2. JOHN LOCKE (1): - Sorry Johnny, but your general cluelessness annoys me. I have a strong belief that leading the New Others will continue to be awesome, but the master has outplayed you yet again...

1. BEN LINUS (4) - Someone has finally dethroned Locke. Ben's storyline for this season (leading the 6 BACK to the Island) just sounds awesome and has more potential than Locke on the disappearing Island.

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