Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SPORTS: A-Roid sucks

*Posted February 15, 2009*

Baseball may be stupid, but I feel that I should say something on the stupid A-Rod scandal. So he tested postive for roids back in 2003, so everyone is in an uproar because they wanted someone clean and natural to eventually dethrone Balco Bonds. I don't care, but I will say this. People are already laughing at his Hall of Fame chances, but maybe he should get in. We had Pete Rose cast out for betting on the game, Big Mac won't get in for refusing to talk about the past (everyone thinks he's guilty of steroid use), Bonds definitely won't get in since he's a known user/alleged perjurer/known dickhead, and now A-Rod might not for taking steroids during a three year stretch. If there was just one guy who did something wrong, maybe they should keep him out. But a whole era of baseball history is tarnished BECAUSE THE LEAGUE WAS TOO INEPT TO PREVENT IT. They can't have a loosey-goosey steroid policy for most of their existence and then be outraged that players take advantage of it. You can't keep all the record holders out of the Hall of Fame, it would just be silly. What happens 20 years from now when they are only electing one player a year because everyone else was on steroids in the nineties? MLB should own up to their lousy handling of the matter, induct Rose, Bonds, Big Mac, Sosa, and A-Rod and put them all together in a disgraced section with a shit load of asterisks. They are apart of history, and 50 years from now, people who visit the Hall will want to know about them. Man baseball sucks....

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