Wednesday, April 29, 2009


DESMOND IN THE HATCH: Another great premiere episode. Andy's thoughts on this twist pretty much cover how awesome it is. 10/10

THE SWAN STATION: It sure is a lot to take in. The computer, the numbers, the orientation video. It's cool how the mythology of the show is being built here, and the hatch is such an important piece of it, but I get a little peeved knowing that it almost ruined the Locke character. In season 2 he was pretty much a housemaid. 9/10

THE TAILIES: When Jin ran down the beach screaming and Eko knocked everyone out with his Jesus stick, we all thought they were the "Others." Great twist. Turns out they were from the tail section of the plan, and their time on the Island was much different from the Losties. I hate Ana Lucia, so every scene on that side of the Island annoyed the hell out of me. Eko, Bernard, and Libby couldn't save it. 4/10

FLASHBACKS: Losing steam at this point. Locke and Helen? More about Charlie and his brother? More cons from Sawyer? We get it. The new flashbacks (the Tailies, Ana-Lucia, and Eko's) are mostly good. 7/10

THE DEATH OF SHANNON: One of the greatest moments on the show also brought about one of the worst. Shannon sucked, as did her relationship with Sayid (twice her age?), but when her death turn him into a depressed mope, the show reached a low. Is it even believable!?!?!?! 5/10

CHARLIE AND CLAIRE'S BREAKUP: The whole storyline with him wanting to watch over Claire and the baby, but she hates him because of the drugs, so Locke moves nearby to play Grandpa? And then Charlie keeps trying to steal Aaron, so Locke punches him in the face, so Charlie turns on everyone to help Sawyer? Yeah, it was terrible. 2/10

MICHAEL GOES AFTER WALT: They had an entertaining AIM conversation, and when Michael heads off into the Jungle, Jack and Co. get a good look at Zeke and the Others. "LIGHT EM UP!!!!!!!!!!!" 10/10

HENRY GALE: Capture/Interrogation/Manipulation/Release. All excellent storylines. It snapped Sayid out of his funk. It exposed Locke as a lost puppy. It forced Michael to act. And of course, it evolved into the Ben Linus storyline. 10/10

TWO FOR THE ROAD: We all saw Ana Lucia's death coming, but it didn't matter. SATISFACTION! But 5 seconds later, two in the gut take sweet Libby away from us too. SHOCK! And then, Michael frees Ben and shoot himself in the arm! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!? Cut to black. Utter confusion. I loved it. 10/10

THE FINALE: The show knows how to open and close a season. Period. On top of the hatch implosion and trade (Walt for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer) we get a touching Desmond flashback. Welcome back, brotha! 10/10


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