Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV: Stewart v. Cramer

*Posted March 15, 2009*

Their feud started when mega douche Jon Stewart took CNBC and Mad Money's Jim Cramer (I love the tagline in his TV ad below) to task most nights last week. He would run clips of Cramer telling people that Bear Stearns would go up and then mention that the company went under days later, and then followed up with a smug "Fuck you!" into the camera. You're so cool, Jon. When Cramer agreed to appear on the show, Comedy Central and the internet successfully hyped it up days in advance (successful because the ratings put it as one of the top 10 most watched Daily Shows of all time). But did the showdown deliver?

If you haven't seen it, check here, but it really is just Jon Stewart laying into Cramer for the shit system they have over at CNBC, and the crowd eats it up. He gets to say things like "It's not a fuckin game" and audience erupts with cheers and applause. Really, what could Cramer do? He does have to bite the bullet that his calls were terrible and his extensive knowledge of the backwards dealings on Wall Street raises interesting questions. I have no problem with anyone calling him out, but the timing and circumstances are highly unusual.

People started noticing the Daily Show hammering Mad Money once Jim Cramer dissed our almighty savior, Barack Obama, but that's a hardly a surprise to anyone who knows the show's agenda. I have a bigger problem with the Daily Show getting tons a press for hammering CNBC. Saying that CNBC should've done a better job of letting people know what was coming is irrelevant. If you are someone who decides where to invest money based on a lame TV show, you deserve to lose it. Instead of saying "Fuck you" to Jim Cramer, Jon Stewart should be going after the Wall St. assholes involved with the everyday shenanigans. He should be going after AIG for using our tax dollars to give millions in bonuses. He should put more blame on the moron homeowners who bought a house with no-money down instead of the banks who "trick them into bad loans" (boo hoo).

So watch the clip, if you feel you must, but be warned that's just a half hour show of Stewart patting himself on the back. CNBC didn't invest these people's money, and if you want to bash them for reporting financial news with an agenda biased to corporations, then maybe you should think about MSNBC (left leaning) and Fox News (right leaning) and you're own reporting because it's just as biased and misleading.

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