Wednesday, April 29, 2009


*Posted January 18, 2009*

Just because I feel like it, here's a look at the best and worst LOST characters. While on the John, I typed up every LOST character I could think of, and was well over 120. But because we don't really care about character like Charlie's fat girlfriend and her dad, the looking glass chicks, Desmond's oracle from his flashes, and anyone from the weed farm, I narrowed down the list as best I could. Feel free to vehemently disagree with my hatred of Sawyer and Sun. More a more in depth look at my Top 10, scroll further down.

Ben Linus31Leslie Arzt61Neil Frogurt
2John Locke32Sayid Jarrah62Scott Jackson(dead)
3Desmond Hume33Mr. Eko63Dave
4Daniel Faraday34Ethan Rom64Sgt. Sam Austen
5Mikhail Bakunin35Smokey the Monster65Kate Austen
6Juliet Burke36Essam66Crazy Leonard
7Christian Shephard37Michael Dawson67Richard the Psychic
8Frank Lapidus38Danielle Rousseau68Randy Nations
9Jack Shephard39Horace Goodspeed69Helen
10Penny Widmore40Minkowski70Rose
11Boone Carlisle41Freighter Doctor71Cindy (Stewardess)
12Jin's Dad42Mr. Paik72Karl
13Hurley Reyes43Ray Mullen73Cassidy Phillips
14Miles Straume44Jacob74Naomi Dorrit
15Martin Keamy45Vincent75Kate's Mom
16Jin Kwon46Anthony Cooper76Baby Aaron
17Bernard the Dentist47Danny Pickett77Goodwin's Wife
18Tom Friendly48Police Capt. Cortez78Jae Lee
19Kelvin Inman49the Head Monk79Emily Locke
20Matthew Abaddon50Roger Workman80Miss Klugh
21Charles Widmore51Nadia81Walt Dawson
22Charlie Pace52Kate's Ex-Hubby82Paulo
23Charlotte Lewis53Ed Mars (Marhsal)83Jin's Mom
24Seth Norris54Det. Mike Walton84Claire Littleton
25Captain Gault55Sarah Shephard85Sheriff of Otherton
26David Reyes56Alex Linus-Rousseau86Sawyer Ford
27Mama Reyes57Goodwin87ShannonRutherford
28Yemi58Liam Pace88Nikki
29Richard Alpert59Steve Jenkins (alive)89Sun Kwon
30Libby60Dr. Marvin Candle90Ana Lucia

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