Sunday, April 26, 2009


Now I have never read a Batman Comic Book, but since that is how it has started, I figured I would keep you guys up to date on what's happening now in Batman (Issue #676).
The story arc is basically that some group of baddies named The Black Glove are led by Dr. Simon Hurt. They've leaked some secret dossier to the press about how Thomas Wayne was a drunk who got his wife hooked on heroin, that both of them participated in orgies (along with Alfred), and that Thomas Wayne orchestrated the death of his supposedly unfaithful wife (and faked his own). Bruce Wayne has just told his girlfriend Jezzebel Jet that he is Batman (who doesn't he tell?). Bruce is then caught and beaten and drugged with heroin and released onto the streets. Dr. Hurt takes over the Batcave, Bruce is now homeless and mental, and Alfred is held prisoner. The Joker is supposed to show up at some point in the story, and at the end of the third part (which is where we are currently at), Bruce sews up some homeless rags into a new Bat costume. Can he reclaim his mind and his identity? Find out this August in the conclusion of R.I.P. Batman...

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