Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DR. JAY: Trailer Trove

*Posted November 20, 2008*

STAR TREK – As someone who’s actually attended a Star Trek convention (February ‘90), I have more than enough street cred to grade this trailer.My first thoughts?Ehhh.Too much razzle, not enough dazzle.The old movies never really stressed all this “SPECTACULAR” action.Yeah, they had their fair share of explosions, photons, and phasers, but that was all secondary to exploration and mystique.The best movie was probably IV (The Voyage Home), and I don’t think one thing blew up in 2 hours.This new breed seems hell-bent on showing us reckless passion (loser teenage Kirk driving his hot rod off a cliff???) and illogical fisticuffs (Spock jumping Kirk???).Pack that in with “SUPER DUPER” space fights, and I’m not sure if I’m watching Roddenberry or Lucas.As a plus, Simon Pegg looks like he’ll be a one-line machine.Here’s to hoping this is all just typical first-trailer hype.I’ll wait for the next one.C+

WATCHMEN – Similarly, the first Watchmen trailer was heavy on thrills and chills while light on story.This one starts to reveal pieces of the puzzle.Since I have never read the graphic novels, I have absolutely NO idea what this is about, but it looks sweet.A bunch of conflicted superheroes battling…..a villain?a nuclear bomb?the public?If Batman has taught us anything, it’s that masked vengeance and caped vigilantes are always awesome.And if Grey’s Anatomy has taught us anything, it’s that Jeffrey Dean Morgan must always die.Zach Snyder is visionary, and he’s never really made a bad trailer.Bonus points for Malin Ackerman (she’d be on my top 10) and more mysterious music.This trailer is doing its job – making me countdown the days until 03/06/09.B

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