Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FILM: Batman News

*Posted November 13, 2008*

Item 1: Chris Nolan is being sued by the town of Batman (which is in Turkey) because they are exploiting the name. Even though this is ridiculously stupid, the courts won't move forward until the mayor provides documentation that Batman the town has been around longer than Batman the character.

Item 2: The guys that wrote the graphic novel "the Long Halloween," which is the story that Nolan borrowed heavily from for Dark Knight, have suggested that they follow up with Batman: Dark Victory (the sequel to Long Halloween). The story is about Robin's origin. They think it would work because right now, Batman is pretty much alone. Dent is dead. Gordon and the cops are after him. Bruce is on his own and the only thing that can save him is Robin's arrival. That way, Batman is again centered and everything is made right. It's certainly a better way to start then in Batman Forever, but I doubt Nolan would go in that direction. Robin sucks.

Item 3: Did you enjoy the Joker's awesome one-note theme song? Well, it's off limits for Oscar voters since there are two guys on the score sheet, James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer. Like the other two items, this one is also of no consequence since they probably would not have picked a comic book movie's score anyway.

Item 4: Like I said earlier, they are on the verge of $1 billion worldwide.

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