Saturday, April 25, 2009


*Posted May 20, 2008*

The excitement and anticipation are at their highest levels as the nearly 20 year wait is over. In the past year alone, we've been dealt with Indy updates every week, I was actually worried that it would take away from the finished product. When I first watched the original trilogy, I had no prior knowledge of the actors, directors, or production process. I simply enjoyed getting lost in this crazy 1930s adventure. But in the past year there has been constant threat of spoilers and leaks and trailers and pictures and interviews and now early reviews and press screenings. Still, anyone who is an Indy fan must be in heaven now. I have already bought the Crystal Skull Indy action figure, complete with gray hair and forehead wrinkles. I just put my Last Crusade t-shirt (that is at least a size too small, no longer white, and has nasty pit stains) in the wash and am ready to go. Opening night is almost upon us! Can you remember the last time your entire family (kids, parents, grandparents) all had a chance to the movies and have a good time? Indy is that kind of film. So enjoy Memorial weekend, I hope to see you there.

Henry: "May he who illuminated this...illuminate me."

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