Saturday, April 25, 2009

FILM: Raiders of the Lost Ark Review

*Posted May 20, 2008*

It's hard to believe that Raiders of the Lost Ark is nearly 30 years old, because it still holds up in all aspects. If someone watched it now for the first time, it would be really hard for them to guess that this is an early 80s movie. We are introduced to Indiana Jones, an archeology professor who also does some freelance archeology on the weekends. Everything about the story is top-notch. There are crazy stunt sequences, including the iconic boulder scene, but also interesting and captivating chases (the basket game in the market). Raiders features a top-notch villain, heroine, and sidekick. Belloq is actually a likable advesary, Marion is the best kind of damsel (one who drinks and jokes and punches, but also cleans up nice and smooches), and Sallah just plain rules as Indy's Egyptian friend. Let's not forget the amazing score and cinematography, but the main praise goes to Top Ten's favorite action icon, Harrison Ford. He flat out nails Indy, a character that is not afraid to fight dirty against a bigger opponent, who sees the sense in using a gun in a sword fight, and who can't help but get out of one mess only to land in another. He's an adventurer that isn't shy about his fear of snakes, but he's also a damn good academic, as his hot student with "Love You" written on her eyelids will tell you (her eyelids might as well have said "Rape Me"). Basically, every relationship in this movie has the right chemistry, and the plot progresses perfectly to a grand finale that's fitting for Indy. Even though he saves the day (kinda) and the girl, they still take the Ark away from him. A+

Indy: "Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?"

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