Sunday, April 26, 2009

GLOBAL:Paraguay Home to Hottest Olympian?

*Posted August 21, 2008*

Even though Paraguay (the motherland, or fatherland I suppose) hasn't earned a medal yet at these Olympic Games, they do have their very own Anna Kournikova. Leryn Franco is a competitor in the javelin competition, but finished 51st overall and goes home a loser. Or does she? Back home in the 'guay, Leryn is more popular as a model than an athlete. She has her own swimsuit calender and is finally getting some notice her in the states. Yahoo! had her as the FRONT PAGE LEAD STORY for a couple of hours to say nothing other than 'she's our hot, Olympic crush.' Other sites have also followed suit, so we might as well also. Our 2008 Hottest World Athlete is Paraguay's Leryn Franco. In case anyone's curious, our 2007 Hottest World Athlete was Hope Solo (she just shut out Brazil in the gold medal game, by the way).

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