Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LOCAL: Night Fever on Ice

*Posted December 11, 2008*

This semester, rather than taking another waste of time gym class like Fitness Walking, I decided to challenge myself with something fun. Well, it turned out that Juggling was full, so I turned to Beginners Ice Skating. I wasn't a fan of the $40 registration fee or skate rentals that tallied up to $55, but having played roller hockey for the last decade, I wanted to finally tackle the ice. All I wanted to learn was an ice hockey stop (which I can do just fine on roller blades, but you don't get to cool spray), but sadly that never happened. Nonetheless, we had to do a skating program as our final project, and me being the loner that I am, decided to go solo. For some added drama, the last day that we have to rehearse the program, I nailed my routine 6 or 7 times in a row, each time faster than the last, but on my very last run, with 100 elementary brats watching from the stands, I took a nasty dive on the big finale and bruised my knee, ass, and elbow. Needless to say, I was crazy nervous come gameday. Did I choke? Well, thanks to a fellow student who was in the crowd taping the performances, you can find out below. Prepare to be amazed by Top Ten's first production, Night Fever on Ice.

As you can see, I nailed the routine and the crowd/director loved it. I later found out that it was everyone's favorite routine, and am proud of it. I hope you enjoyed it, and also the fancy opening/closing credits.

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