Sunday, April 26, 2009

LOCAL: Snow Chickens Improve to .500 with Win

*Posted July 17, 2008*

Hooray for our 7-6 victory!! Your fearless webmaster finished with 1 goal and 2 assists, but that's not the real story. First, you need to understand that there are several hockey leagues where I play, and our particular league probably has the least talented teams. Within our crappy league are 2 divisions that don't really play each other much. The Snow Chickens are in the worst of the two leagues. But it's not like our teams in B League South Division are bad (the two teams we lost to were well-oiled machines). The team we just beat, Scottdale's Bravest, has a kid who also works at the arena. He is easily the best kid in the league by far. Without him, our teams matched up well. But when he joined midway through the game, it quickly stopped looking like a real hockey game. It turned into a 1 vs. 5 game where we constantly had to have 3 guys on defense and it still didn't matter. This guy is arrogant enough to claim that he will only score to keep his team in it, never to win it. That's not hockey... and it's certainly bad for everyone involved. He doesn't improve against the likes of us. His teammates don't improve because they just let him take the ball and run with it. And our team doesn't improve because we are playing a system that won't apply for any other game. Needless to say, it really grinds my gears...

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