Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POLITICS: Are the McCain Lies Going Too Far?!?

*Posted September 18, 2008*

Ever since the primaries, I thought that as long as Obama was running for President, it was the GOP's race to lose. Most of the American people are conservative, I believe (or at least not liberal). But now it appears that John McCain loves aiming a gun at his foot on a consistent basis. It wasn't too long ago when John McCain was the straight-talkin' maverick Senator that seemed like a likeable old coot. In fact, in a speech last week on national service, when asked about the will and vitality of the elderly, McCain jokingly nodded off in the middle of his speech. It was that kind of unscripted, honest John moment that I thought would carry him to the White House. But once Obamamania took off, his campaign has started to tighten the screws. Now every interview is reduced to well rehearsed talking points, political double speak, and worst of all, flat out lies. Listen folks, it may seem like America loves Obamamania, but that's really overblown. It's just that the people with the biggest mouths (movie stars, celebs, the press) are gushing over him (the TIME article that was my inspiration for this article just happened to have an Obama ad the length of my moniter screen). For the local folk, you really just have to lay out Barack's core values (big government, tax the rich, etc.) and they'll wisely stay away. But they won't stay away if you have a candidate in John McCain who is giving you every reason to abandon him. Every night, a new attack ad is smearing Obama. In some cases, he may stretch the truth, but is still in the ballpark (Obama wants government-run healthcare), but in some scary instances, he's just making stuff up. McCain's ads like to say that Obama will raise taxes on the middle class and that he's against off-shore drilling/nuclear power, when Obama went in front of 38 million viewers two weeks earlier and promised the opposite. Fox News anchors are slamming the campaign and Karl Rove, the master puppeteer who knows this game better than anyone, is calling out McCain for one of the dirtiest campaigns ever. Even though Obama has his fair share of attacks on McCain, I still feel that this is McCain's race to lose, but he has got to start focusing on the values and characteristics that make him worthy of the Presidency, rather than the ticky-tacky smears that bring Obama down. Vote McCain.

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