Sunday, April 26, 2009

POLITICS: John Edwards Admits to Affair

*Posted August 14, 2008*

One of the funniest stories to break last weekend was the Edwards affair scandal. Two years ago, he cheated on his wife (she has cancer, by the way) with a staffer that subsequently got pregnant. Edwards denies any claim to the child, although the sister of the mistress says they do look similar (it's all in the jawline). No paternity test is in the works since some other guy has stood up to claim the child as his own. Edward's wife is devastated by all this, but John claims he was 99% honest about all this. He told his family back when it happenend, but he wanted to keep it out of the press. Imagine if he finished better than 3rd in the primary race. Something like this would sink an election for McCain or Obama. I wonder what might have happened if news of a Hillary Clinton affair broke during her election run. I wouldn't be surprised if people rallied around her. But still, Edwards is a putz and now we have more than just an expensive haircut to make fun of.

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