Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SPORTS: Big Ten Showdown

*Posted October 25, 2008*

I really don't care about college football since I prefer to watch the best athletes play the game, but Happy Valley is once again in love with football team. And it's not just State College that is thinking National Championship, but even the surrounding small towns and morons who really don't know much about sports love talking about the excitement. The last great team was overshadowed by the Steelers Super Bowl run, but this year the Steelers strong season and the Phillies World Series push are taking a backseat to a possible title shot. This weekend, we travel to the house of the dreaded Ohio State Buckeyes and their Western PA phenom, Terrell Pryor. I have to say that he was flat out impressive in high school, but it doesn't take much to rise above that competitions. He's been so-so as a freshman, but his big mistake was when he publicly declared that he's from Ohio now, not from PA. I obviously hope we crush them and especially Pryor. With the Pens, Phillies, Steelers, and Nittany Lions, 2008 could turn out to be a pretty special year for the state of PA.

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