Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPORTS: Favre Drama Continues

*Posted July 31, 2008*

It pains me that I have to keep writing about this, but I refuse to talk about boring baseball (although the Buccos are rumored to be apart of the Manny trade so that Boston can get Jason Bay back. But only as a three way, Manny would go to FLA, who would send guys to PIT, who would send Bay to BOS). The talk with Favre is that the Packers President flew all the way down to Mississippi to offer Favre $20 MILLION to stay RETIRED!!! Probably one of the bigger insults in football. The Packers don't want Favre on their team, at their camp, on their bench, etc., but they also don't want him playing for anybody else, which is absurd. Now the team is mulling over trade talks that would send him to another team within the division. I would love to watch a game of Favre leading the Bears against Aaron Rodgers and the Pack (I could think about a half dozen Star Wars comparisons off the top of my head as well). Hopefully we'll find out soon and end this circus. I think they should've released him to begin with, but hopefully he'll still get a chance to play somewhere else. As Frank Caliendo (as John Madden) said, "Only Brett Favre can retire, come back, and not miss a game."


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