Saturday, April 25, 2009


*Originally Posted May 8, 2008*

Former Patriots cameraman Matt Walsh submitted tapes to the NFL, and more than a few of them show the Patriots taping the offensive coaches while they give signals. The shots would consist of the offensive signal called followed by a scoreboard shot of the down and distance followed by the actual play. This fuckin infuriates me. I can't stand Bill Belichick and the fact they have been taping signals for at least 8 years (EIGHT YEARSSSSS!) pisses me off beyond belief. He'll give another bullshit response about how he misinterpreted the rules, and no one will fuckin believe him. He is the biggest douchebag/piece of shit in the world. The icing on the cake: He taped offensive signals during the 2002 AFC Championship game against the Pittburgh Steelers. They need to deliver some swift punishment to this asshole; maybe a year-long suspension, mega-fine, loss of draft-picks, or all of the above.

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