Saturday, April 25, 2009

SPORTS: Tiger wins U.S. Open

*Posted June 18, 2008*

First off: No, I don't care that the Celtics won the NBA championship this week. I think it's absurd that all you need to do to win an NBA title is go out and sign a couple of all-stars. The real sports story is that Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open on a fractured knee. I have never watched golf before in my life because I think it is even more boring than baseball, but I actually tuned and watched a lot of the playoff on Monday afternoon. I rooted for Rocco, but knew that Tiger's charge was inevitable. It's like trying to play defense against the Patriots in the 4th quarter when they are losing. You know that Brady will lead them down the field and throw one to Moss for the touchdown, the question is how fast can he do it. But the match went down to sudden death between the two, and Tiger dominated the final hole, cruising onto the Par 5 green in two shots. As much as I want to see him lose (like Kobe and Brady), you have to be impressed by what he accomplished, and with the injury that he had.

NEWS OF THE WEIRD (brought to you by

In May, eighth-grader Michael Avery of Thousand Oaks, Calif., told the hometown newspaper The Acorn that he was undecided which area high school he would attend next fall. This was a matter of interest in that Avery, 15, is a basketball prodigy and, though undecided on high school, he knows exactly where he will go to college because he had just accepted a full scholarship at the University of Kentucky beginning in 2012. The following week, Kentucky offered another one, to ninth-grader Jeremiah Davis III, to enroll in 2011. [Thousand Oaks Acorn, 5-8-08; Lexington Herald-Leader, 5-16-08]

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