Saturday, April 25, 2009

TV: L O S T Finale!

*Posted May 30, 2008*

The rousing conclusion to the three hour finale aired last night, and if you were one of those people who never really got into the major sci-fi stuff in L O S T, 'jumping the shark' might as well be replaced by 'moving the Island.' Luckily, I am not of those fans. I loved the end to the short 4th season and the all parts in it, except for a few. Last night, we saw Sayid squaring off against Keamy (Keamy is way cooler), the Others returning to their guerilla tactics, Jack and Locke having their first real conversation of the season (awesome), Ben and Locke going to the time-traveling station to move the Island, the freighter getting blown up with Michael dead, and maybe Jin too. Desmond gets off the boat but it was still unclear whether he would survive. His reunion with Penny rocked as it should have (maybe Desmond Jr. was born that night), both of Miles lines (is there something wrong with your neck, Daniel? and something about C.S. Lewis being back on the Island show why Miles is the best Freightee). But the big finale was the man in the coffin turned out to be Locke. I really didn't see that coming until Ben popped up at the funeral parlor, and this opens up lots of story possibilities for the next season.

Jack: Reverts back to pilot episode Jack when he saves people from the wreckage and gives Desmond CPR. He marches across the Island and back, but doesn't have to carry any of the physical load. Not much is asked of the Doc in the finale, but his role was important.

Locke: I loved his talks with Jack about miracles and with Ben about his new leadership position. My thoughts on him being in the coffin? I hope they didn't do this for the sake of wowing the audience. We better have a good story to back this up.

Ben: I am still saddened by his removal from power by Jacob, but Ben was all over the place this episode. He escaped from Keamy and later killed him, and it was great watching him turn the Island-moving wheel knowing that in a few moments he would be landing in the Tunisian desert, ready to help Sayid and go after Charles Widmore.

Kate: Great at getting a gun held to her head, but not much else. Her dream of Claire was dumb only because Claire is dumb. You still stink, Kate.

Sawyer: I hate Sawyer because he thinks he's Han Solo. I've been saying all season that Sawyer would do some stupid self-sacrificing move that would save the rest, and once we saw the previews that included him in the chopper, I knew he would jump out to help out with fuel. We don't care about you or your daughter (although he wants Kate to when she gets back). Guess what Sawyer? Jack ends up bangin' Kate more than you.

Juliet: Didn't do too much, I hope her and Sawyer don't hook up.

Jin: I hope he's dead just because they tricked us before by telling us he's dead, they better not trick us again. He was on an exploding freighter, and it was an awesome way to go.

Sun: Still easily the worst character, I wanted to punch her in the face when she was screaming for Jin. When someone is hysterical, it's okay to slap them in the face.

Lapidus: Wouldn't it have been smarter to jump from the chopper rather than go down with it? Haven't we learned anything from Life Aquatic?

Desmond: Satisfying conclusion to his story. I doubt we will see much of Desmond again, he ends his time number 3 on my power rankings behind Ben and Locke.

Hurley: I thought the Eko line was dumb and unnecessary.

C.S Lewis: Congrats for being born on the Island, but you aren't Ben's friend Annie (no accent).

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