Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV: New LOST Season 5 Cast Picture

*Posted December 4, 2008*

This was just released today (the 5th) and there are a few things to note (click on the image for the hi-res version. First: Jin, Claire, and Frank Lapidus are not in the picture. Does this confirm that Jin and Claire are both dead?!?!?! Secondly, Sun is the only one with her ass in the dirt, which is hilarious because she is the worst living character on the show. Thirdly, the NY/Jungle hybrid, which hopefully means nothing (we don't want to Island to move through time and land in the Big Apple), is pretty damn cool. Lastly, the order of the cast is pretty random. The Oceanic 6 are scattered about, and the only troubling thing is that Sawyer is front and center, between Kate and Juliet (SHOUDLDN"T THAT BE THE GOOD DOCTOR'S SPOT?!?!) For your comparison, here are the cast photos for seasons one, two, three, and four!

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