Saturday, April 25, 2009

TV: Survivor Finale is One for the Books

*Originally Posted May 13, 2008*

After 16 seasons, you'd think Survivor would have gotten stale by now, but boy would you be wrong. The latest (and one of the greatest) concluded Sunday night with a great tribal council and live reunion and Parvati Shallow winning the million. Normally what happens in Survivor is the majority mercilessly picks off the minority and we get weeks and months of predictability. This season, the power players in command imploded, leading to 4 straight blindsides in a row. In that stretch, the biggest physical threat, Ozzy, chose not to use his hidden immunity idol and was subsequently voted out. Later, Erik actually had immunity and a trip to the final 4 in the bag, but chose to give it to someone else at tribal council, and then was promptly sent home (the dumbest dumbest dumbest move in Survivor history). Also, a women's alliance held strong to the end for the first time. Fans vs. Favorites at first was a dopey idea, but it delivered, and a Favorite fittingly took home the prize.

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