Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wall of Fame: Mel Gibson

MEL GIBSON - inducted 3/2009 by Herb

He's fought in 3 different wars (American Revolution, Vietnam, and the war for Scottish Independance), and yet is more known for being a goofy ladies man on screen. Actually, if we're being completely honest, he's most known for being a Jew-hating drunk, but that's also kind of entertaining. Also, girls, he was the first ever Sexiest Man Alive for People Magazine way back in the late 80s. I like to think of Mel Gibson as the third part of the 90's triumvirate of acting. Representing drama, Hanks starred in an endless string of 90s hits. H Ford led the way with his action chops. Mel took care of the lighthearted characters with a screw loose (Maverick, Lethal Weapon, Payback, What Women Want, etc.), but also could handle the serious stuff (Ransom, Signs).

He starred in, and directed, my favorite film of all time, Braveheart. He also directed one of Andy's favorite movies (the Passion of the Christ), and most recently made Apocalypto, which was also a very good film. Aside from being an awesome actor, he's also a compelling human being. We hear so much from the loony left and the crazy Scientologists in Hollywood, it's nice to see a proudly devout Christian in the mix. So what if he's anti-Semitic and homophobic, right? My favorite Gibson quotes was in response to question on how he felt about gays. He said, "They take it up the ass. This (pointing to his ass) is only for taking a shit." Pure gold. He's one of my favorite actors/directors/celebrities, and I can't wait for Edge of Darkness to come out. And don't forget to check out his hilarious Kimmel appearance here.

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