Saturday, April 25, 2009

WEB: EW Classic lists

*Posted July 3, 2008*

In the past couple weeks, Entertainment Weekly has been running several different Top Modern Classic lists (movies, tv shows, video games, music albums). I love reading these (and I know you do too since you are here) but more often than not I am left angered by them. Kelly Clarkson some 45 slots ahead of Pearl Jam's Vs? Napoleon Dynamite ahead of Back to the Future? Pulp Fiction number 1? The most recent list, released today, is the Top 50 Video Game Modern Classics. Some notables:

50. Madden 05

49. World of Warcraft

47. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

41. Tecmo Super Bowl

34. Tomb Raider

24. Tony Hawk 2

15. Chrono Trigger

13. Final Fantasy 7

10. Metal Gear Solid

9. Grand Theft Auto IV

8. GoldenEye

7. Super Mario Kart

6. Street Fighter 2

5. Guitar Hero

4. Super Mario World

3. Doom

2. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

1. Tetris

Now, since Tetris is number one, they are obviously going for influence right? Then why exclude from the list the highest grossing game of the 90's (MYST) and the highest grossing game of all time (the Sims)? Both are games that steer clear of usual video game conventions (no "lives," "health," or battles, etc). If you want to check out their other lists, go to Also, for a classic Web video, here's Tom Hanks as James Bond.

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