Sunday, April 26, 2009

WEB: Rain of Madness Available for FREE

*Posted August 28, 2008*

The fake documentary about the movie within a movie is now available for FREE on iTunes. The screenwriter of Tropic Thunder and Steve Coogan (who plays the director Damien Cockburn) came up with this idea while shooting Tropic Thunder. They basically got Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and RDJr to stay in character while filming Tropic Thunder (the fake Tropic Thunder not the real Tropic Thunder). The faux-documentary (which makes fun of the real documentary about Apocalypse Now) is only a half-hour long, and you don't need to have seen the real movie to get it. There are no massive spoilers, and if anything, it serves as more of warm up. If you think Rain of Madness is funny (which you will, cause it is) then you'll have no problem going out to see Tropic Thunder. Memorable moments? Jack Black's character demonstrating his farts (Tinkerbell, the General, and Holly Golightly) and a Heat Vision and Jack reference (totally coincidence). Enjoy.

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