Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WEDDING: Party Favors

*Posted September 18, 2008*

Welcome back to the wedding feature, where we already talked about cakes and table cards. This week we are focusing on wedding favors. Normally the theme of this segment is me talking about what my wedding could and should be like (geeky) when it really won't be. But this time, I actually get to tell you about a success story. Normally, wedding favors are little candies or little candles or little boxes and what not, but I get to make my wedding favors, so they won't suck. To the left is the first in a series of four wedding magnets. It depicts my bride and I as superheroes. The other three will be us as miis, yahoo avatars, and Simpsons characters. Good luck trying to rip off my idea.

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