Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BOOKS: Entertainer of the Year

*Posted November 13, 2008*

Entertainment Weekly just released this year's list. First let me say that the Entertainer of the Year has a long history, dating back to 1990. The first winner was Bart Simpson and since then, we have had Jodie Foster, the cast of SNL, Spielberg, Hanks, the cast of Friends, Rosie O'Donnell, Ellen, Leo, Ricky Martin, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Denzel, cast of LOTR, Jon Stewart, cast of LOST, cast of Gay's, and J.K Rowling. This year, the top 10 were...

10. The Talking Heads - I hate broad winners. To have casts on the list is one thing, but to include the many political commentators from the many TV stations is too gutless. Make a bold statement and name only those on one station (FNC) next time.

9. The Jonas Brothers - I am not a retarded tween girl so naturally I hate these fags.

8. The Women of Sex and the City - Another turd

7. ROCK BAND - Their first right answer. Rock Band changed the landscape of video games and is ten times better than Guitar Hero. On a side note, the two creators of Rock Band will receive $300 million in bonuses this year. Don't say the economy is in tatters because apparently kids are still making their parents spend $170 on Rock Band.

6. Lil Wayne - Who? The only place I've seen him is on TMZ thanks to his mug shot.

5. Stephenie Meyer - Everyone's favorite moron Mormon vampire novelist. I must be too old for EW these days because the last 5 entries are marketed towards the 18 and under demographic.

4. The Gossip Girls - Make that the last 6 entries.

3. Cast/Crew of Dark Knight - My hope for number one. DK has grossed $1 billion worldwide, is still #4 on IMdB's all-time list, Batman is once again atop the superhero heap, Heath Ledger is now this generation's James Dean, etc. etc.

2. Tina Fey - I thought she was the front runner this year. A successfull movie, a shit load of Emmys, and the reason for the rejuvenation of SNL even thought she isn't really in the cast anymore, I'm very surprised she was bested by....

1. Robert Downey Jr. - Sure there was the Iron Man thing, which people went nuts over until until some guy named Wayne showed up, but the big reason is his controversial blackface role in Tropic Thunder. Hollywood loves second chances and EW is no different. Hopefully he doesn't wear out his welcome with that stupid Oscar bait movie with Jamie Foxx or his turn as Sherlock Holmes.

Final Thoughts: More interesting than who's on this list is who's NOT on the list. Out of 25 entries, both Harrison Ford and George Lucas were kept off. Lucas had a better chance, but successfully screwed up both the Indy franchise and the Star Wars franchise. Ford is left off thanks to Lucas' failure, but this isn't the last we've seen of him...

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