Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TOP TEN Obama Political Cartoons by Herb

*Posted November 11, 2008*

To cap off our election coverage in a light-hearted and humorous way, here's a look at the 5 best Pro-Obama cartoons and Anti-Obama cartoons from the Presidential election. Some of these are not made up of only one cartoon, but a theme that many cartoonists jumped on. Before I begin, one final fun fact about the election. Gay marraige was banned in California on Election Day, but it wasn't because of the old conservative whites. In fact, whites voted 51-49 in opposition of the ban in CA. The kicker was that blacks voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ban, by a 70-30 margin. This is a fun fact because Barack Obama, the most liberal Senator in D.C., excited the black voters and drove them out to vote in record numbers (. How great it is that even though 90% of blacks voted for Obama, only 30% supported a cause that is pretty common on the left. One could argue that Obama blew it for the gays.
5. Sappy "Yes We Can" Cartoons
Out in full force after the election, many cartoonists just felt like giving a well deserved pat on the back on themselves and the rest of the voters. Barf.

4. Abe Lincoln Cartoons
Probably the majority of November 5th cartoons. And they all look the same too. Seriously, there are dozens of cartoons out there of Lincoln (always in the memorial) approving of the outcome. Is it because he freed the slaves or because they are both from Illinois? Can we really say that Lincoln would vote Obama?

3. Trying to be Poetic Cartoons

These cartoonists are trying to say something meaningful so that fake intellectuals can look at it and go "Hmmm, so poetic." Unfortunately, they fall short. Keep the barf bags nearby. Especially the second one, what is this guy trying to say? OBVIOUSLY the KKK would sulk right now, but is he sulking because of Obama or because his matches don't work. Why wouldn't he carry a lighter?

2. Heroic

The Dems probably love this one, but I can't stand it. It doesn't apply AT ALL. Obama was never the underdog in this election AT ANY TIME. He was supposed to beat John McCain and it never looked like he would lose. It was McCain that had fewer campaigning funds, fewer magazine covers, fewer favorable stories on the news, and fewer supporters. A McCain victory would be slaying the dragon. This is just retarded. And shouldn't the second one say Obama-man instead of Obaman? Frankly, both sound stupid.

1. The Tearjerker

*sniff sniff* This is so true...


5. Hope

This one could go both ways. It shows zero support for either candidate, but I like to think it's Anti-Obama because it goes along with a point I made earlier. Obama won this campaing on one word (I said Change, this guy says Hope), and used it to deflect every attack that came at him.

4. The Media

3. The Handouts

2. Send up of Liberal Mentality

1. Taxes

One of the few cartoons to get a big laugh out of me, due in most part to the bosses reaction. The only thing that could make it better is if the boss was smiling and maybe had a GOP elephant on his desk.

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