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URBAN LEGEND The Election of BO, man that stinks

*Posted November 11, 2008*

Herb covered the aftermath of the election quite eloquently in his headlining articles, but I feel the need to give my .02. Don't worry, I not going to go all somber and depressed because BO won the election. I was indeed proud to vote for John McCain and yet was expectantly disappointed in the victory for BO. We saw how all of the negativity that surrounded GW Bush affected our nation in a bad way. Even though I am conservative, I am an American first and wish the best for BO and the future of our country.

As Herb stated, the combination of the two-term Bush Administration and the economy overrode foreign policy and BO's long list of questionable associations. The election itself was really anti-climatic with BO taking all of New England, the Middle Atlantic, Upper Midwest, and the West Coast. The prizes of Florida and Ohio turned blue and PA remained blue. The election continues to show the cyclical nature of politics. After eight years of the Republican Eisenhower, the Democrat Kennedy was elected. After eight years of Nixon/Ford, the liberal Jimmy Carter entered the White House. In a sense, the election of Bush in 2000 was a reaction to eight years of Clinton. Sometimes, if not oftentimes, Americans yearn for change, and BO was smart to focus on that "idea."

So what will change be? Do we believe his often fuzzy words that outline his plans to, in a bipartisan way, move our country away from its "badness" to a place of "goodness?" Or is it a more literal idea? Do we believe his thin resume? A resume that includes a far-left voting record with a background that includes community organizing, black and Palestinian liberation, and radical anti-Americanism. Is that the change he wants to purport? The good is fuzzy, the bad concrete.

How will the US government and the nation as a whole change with a Democrat in the White House, Democrats running Congress, and 90% of the media residing in the last house on the left?

Economically - BO's history in politics can only suggest numerous programs that would enlarge the government in a way not seen since LBJ's Great Society. With an increase in Health Care, Welfare, more focus on education, and other entitlements, one can only think about taxes and how they would have to be raised in order to fit BO's needs. Joe the Plumber reinforced the "spread the wealth" idea, in which BO has quite casually discussed. The combination of BO's politics, which hint, if not point towards socialism, coupled with the economic state of the country may equate to future change. But it is a change that may wreck this nation.

Foreign Policy - Iraq and Afghanistan were forgotten by the end of the campaign, but both will be important aspects of BO's presidency. Two items pushed foreign affairs aside, the bad economy and the success of the Surge. John McCain put all of his chips in the middle of the table by backing the Surge and still didn't win the election. The economy may have out shined it, but the media also buried it. BO's foreign policy expertise unfortunately lies in his VP Joe Biden. Biden spoke out against the First Gulf War of the early 1990s, and he thought it would be a good idea to disregard two thousand years of cultural history and divide Iraq into four geographic sectors. Biden is a complete idiot, and BO has less foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin. Not only were all African-Americans jumping for joy on election night but so was was Osama bin Laden. The election of BO weakens the US internationally and that probably cannot be disputed.

Domestics - BO tramples on most issues that form the traditional core of this country, marriage may be striped of its sanctity and checks on abortion and specific bans on partial-birth abortion may be lifted. Some say that their grandparents will get to keep their homes with BO at the helm, I say that my grandma may have to wait in line for health care following all the illegal immigrants that will get health benefits under BO. The founding fathers formed this country out of a Christian background of loyalty, love, and life. If BO has his way, he will challenge these founding beliefs.

I really don't feel bad for McCain. He was the wrong man at the wrong time. Would a Romney or a Giuliani have beaten BO? Maybe not, but McCain was certainly not a champ like GW, he was a loser like Bob Dole. Too moderate, too old, too nice. He never hurt BO where he could have. Reverend Wright was off the table and "spread the wealth" came too late. Something was crystal clear in this election. BO outskilled McCain in terms of his political prowess and led a much better campaign.

Who do I feel bad for? I think of the soldiers in the Middle East whom BO said pillaged civilians. I also think of all the veterans from the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the around 100,000 individuals who lost their lives in those two wars. There is something about this country in which we fight and die for freedom. Not only did we do that in those struggles, but we also fought against the creation and spread of socialism and communism. If BO spreads the wealth, what will these men have died for?

With that all being said, it is a proud day for America in which a country with a bad history of racism finally elected a man of color. But it is not the color that I or many fellow conservatives object to, it it simply the man, the background, and the politics. I do honestly believe that presidential politics is cyclical and Americans want "change," but I hope that BO is a four-year anomaly. The Tribune-Review may be right, Barack Obama may have won, but America may ultimately lose. I hope BO can be successful and prepare the United States for an uncertain future, but I am not at all optimistic.

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