Saturday, April 25, 2009


*Posted June 18, 2008*

What would've happened if the South had won the Civil War? This humorous British mockumentary takes aim at American history to examine this question. Needless to say, it's both shockingly racist and shockingly funny. General Lee prevails at Gettysburg, then turns to capture Washington D.C. Abe Lincoln signs the surrender and is arrested on war crimes (freeing the slaves as propaganda to justify the war). Eventually Lincoln is exiled to Canada where he dies an old man, regretting not being able to help the slaves. To make amends, the newly named Confederate States of Americas offers slaves to all the North (they agree). Eventually, as per Jefferson Davis' original intentions, the South decides to expand into Central and South America to control the cotton supply and set up a tropical empire. They turn the Asian workers in California into slaves, and deport all the Jews. When WWII comes around, our ideology fits more into Hitler's and Nazi Germany's white supremacy regime, so we side with them. Abolitionists and escaped slaves gradually pour into Canada, and because of that, Canada gains superiority in sports, and also experience the cultural revolution (music, movies, and all that). There's other stuff that makes it genuinely interesting, but they also sprinkle in fake commercials for racists restaurants and products (these were real things that existed and were popular in the early 1900s, and would probably still be around if slavery was). They really commit themselves to the question, and the result is hilarious and thought-provoking. A-

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