Saturday, April 25, 2009

WEB: What's your superpower?

*Posted June 18, 2008*

hate most Facebooks applications, but I understand that people have to ask me to add their dumb app so they get bonus points and whatever. The latest application is at least worth looking at, but overall it's not that great. It's called My Heroes Ability, and they randomly give you a superpower from a big list (I was given telepathy). From there you can develop your skills further along subsets and battle other people. This is where it gets nerdy and uninteresting, but here's the fun part. Use your hidden talent and combine it with this generator to design your own superhero, and also try to add a story to go with it. It easily kills a couple of hours, and it's cool to see what you come up with. To prove my point, the image to the left is my superhero and his alter-ego. This is his story...

Quirky museum curator Herb Hubble is sick and tired of his dull life at the Metropolitan Museum. He yearns for a life of action and adventure like in the movies, but is about to get more than he bargained for. One night, a couple of mugs come in to rob the museum of precious Egyptian artifacts.

Thinking fast, Herb puts on a suit of armor that belonged to Vlad the Impaler and immediately senses a change within himself. He charges at the thieves and knocks several of them out, but the rest have already escaped with the headdress of Ramses II. Herb thinks of chasing after them, but notices his friend and mentor, Professor Eggard, slumped against the wall. The professor tries to speak, but chokes on his blood and dies. In a fit of rage, Herb turns and notices one of the thugs coming to. He races over and drives his sword through the back of the thief and lifts him up over his head, causing the limp body to slide down to the hilt...

How could Herb do that? He's not a violent man, but the rage just overtook him. He takes off his armor, but the gauntlet remains, sealed tight against his hand.

With every piece of armor than Herb wears, he grows more powerful. Even with just the gauntlet on, Herb gains Vlad's power of telepathy. He can now communicate with people through his mind, and also read their thoughts and secrets. But with more armor and weaponry, he grows stronger and faster, but loses more and more control over his actions, turning into the bloodthirsty Vlad.

Can Herb balance the strength in his body against the strength in his mind? Can he turn something that is inherently evil to help him achieve good in the world? To what lengths will Herb go to protect those he cares about? Will he sacrifice his mind? His soul? Find out, in the Adventures of....


And who was it that was after the Egyptian Artifacts? Why it was psychopathic archaeologist Ramses, who is trying to unite the pieces of the pharaoh/god Ramses II! Whereas Ramses II loved architecture and the construction of cities, this crazy villain wants to use his power for destruction! Can the Impaler stop his arch nemesis and avenge the Professor's death? When somebody wants to make a movie out of my story, I'll let you know.


Think you can do better? Send me your pictures and stories and I'll be the judge.

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