Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DVD: Guilty Pleasures

*Posted October 10, 2008*

The subject of this weekend's talking points memo is DVD Guilty Pleasures, which is a pretty straightforward subject. I'll start by admitting that recently, thanks to the future Mrs. Herb, I've been watching DVDs of One Tree Hill, that stupid high school show on the WB. I could devote pages and pages to why it is a bad show (by the way, I hate these kinds of cast pictures). Some samplers: Like other high school shows, all the kids look at least 4 years removed from high school. None of them act like anyone I knew in high school (I've never seen my friends cry, nobody in our class was married or pregnant, and our basketball team didn't have a shot at winning states). Even the supposed "not hot" girls in One Tree Hill are already one step ahead of Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams, and ten steps ahead of the homely girls at MP (go Vikes). But yes, just like I enjoyed Dawson's Creek despite it's awfulness, I also enjoy One Tree Hill. Despite the cheesy dialogue, the overdramatic elements (stalkers, school shooting, car wrecks, etc.), I've been forced to watch so many episodes that I actually care whether or not Haylee and her unborn child will survive getting hit by a car driven by a shady sports gambler (Rick Fox) who was aiming for her husband Nathan who didn't shave points in the state championship! Whatever. I know that my brothers are forced to watch musicals and Grey's Anatomy, respectively, so I know I am not alone. I've been honest. What are some awful shows that you have watched on DVD (MacGuyver doesn't count, Andy, because you actually think it's good)?

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