Wednesday, April 29, 2009


*Posted December 4, 2008*

The 3rd Annual FLOBY Awards (FLOrentin Bests of the Year)is right around the corner, and the Academy is here to tell you about it. A hearty thanks to fired writer Dave for drawing the promo flier. Don't worry, you're not invited into the Academy, as it is limited to approximately 15 people. Nevertheless, I offer my predictions for this year along with the progress we've made in the past. Also, as the movie season winds down this month, it's not too late to watch many many many movies illegally on the internet. Last year's web rush yielded my best actress nominee (not Juno), so keep watching the stars, folks.

2006 Best Picture - The Departed

2007 Best Picture - No Country For Old Men

2007 Best Actor - Daniel Day Lewis, There Will Be Blood

2007 Best Actress, Kerri Russel, Waitress

2007 Lifetime Achievement Award - Mr. Tom Hanks

2008 IDEAL Winners

Best Picture - Dark Knight

Best Actor - Harrison Ford, Indy IV

Best Actor, Supporting - Death Ledger, Dark Knight

Best Actress - Pending

Best Actress, Supporting - Mrs. Coen - Burn After Reading

Lifetime Achievement - Hopefully Mr. Ford or Mr. Gibson

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