Thursday, April 23, 2009


*Originally Posted April 14, 2008*

Batman fans have been wandering how the final product will be given the death of Heath Ledger. First, WB and Christopher Nolan have said that even though the marketing strategy was centered on Heath and the Joker, they won't wander far from that path. There are lots of viral websites created by "the Joker," ordering regular Joe's to dress up like him and post their pictures, giving out addresses that will yield prizes to the first person to claim them (a joker-looking bowling ball and a cell phone), among others. But recently, a screening was held for a bunch of people, and one scene in particular left them rather disturbed. SPOILER: DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW THE SCENE: The scene involves the Joker pretending to be dead and has him in a body bag. This scene is indeed eerie and uncomfortable, but it's supposed to be! He is the Joker, after all. Chris Nolan said that Heath was proud of the work he had done in Dark Knight, so let's have that stand for itself. The Joker probably does a lot of psychotic stuff in the movie; we cannot cut all of it. Plus, not that it means much, but he is only pretending to be dead...not all dead.

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