Saturday, April 25, 2009


*Originally Posted April 29, 2008*

After seeing this movie only three days ago, there is not much that sticks out about it. But for a forgettable movie, it is genuinely funny. It’s not as densely plotted as Knocked Up, but not riddled with jokes or laugh-out-loud moments like Superbad.The romantic comedy plot is paint by numbers: guy gets dumped, goes to Hawaii, just happens to see ex there with new beau, falls for first sympathetic girl that he sees, loses her, rejects ex, wins new girl back. If you’re pissed about the spoilers, then you haven’t seen a movie in the past ten years because this isn’t anything new (Along Came Polly, the Wedding Singer, She’s All That, you get the idea). However, there are plenty of humorous things to support the plot, like Sarah’s new boyfriend, Brit rocker Aldous Snow (the reviews are dead on, he does steal scenes. If I ever get cheated on, I want this guy to be involved because it’s hard to not like him) and the penis scenes (both shocking and shockingly funny). In the fake CSI show that Sarah Marshal stars in, she is aided by Top 10’s third favorite Baldwin, Billy! He is sounding more and more like Alec these days. And for something out of left field, there is the vampire puppet musical. All in all, this is a good movie to take your girlfriend to because it’s actually a funny romantic comedy. When she wants to make you see Maid of Honor with McFaggot, you can counter with Sarah Marshall and everyone goes home a winner.

P.S. Scores points for having a funny scene during the end credits.


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