Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FILM: It's 1995 Again, or 1990, or 1973...

*Posted October 2, 2008*

Marty + Bobby + Mob = Critical Acclaim All the Time (and usually an Andy Urban boner). Martin Scorcese is teaming up with Robert De Niro again. For another mob movie. Yikes. As much as I want to dislike this because it's nothing new, yet again, reading the pitch for I Heard You Paint Houses has me a little pumped. The title is mobster slang for contract killing, because of the mess afterwards (awesome). De Niro will play the head Irish mobster who claims to have killed Jimmy Hoffa, along with 20 some other guys throughout his life. The screenplay is written by the guy that wrote Gangs of New York and a little picture called Schindler's List. It's hard to imagine them screwing this one up. Go ahead and pencil it in for some FLOBY votes.

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