Saturday, April 25, 2009

FILM: Last Crusade Review

*Posted May 20, 2008*

Last Crusade goes back to the trilogy's roots with a more personal movie. Instead of the great chemistry between Indy and Marion, we get the great chemistry between Indy and his dad, plus we get another Christian relic. Last Crusade deals with the search for the Holy Grail and also Henry, Sr. Once again, same, dependable ingredients: Lots of action scenes (boat chase, motorcycle chase, Indy vs. tank), a great villain (just like Raiders, we get a bookworm and a soldier), and a love interest that works. Elsa is a vast improvement from Willie Scott because she's a drop dead gorgeous intellectual who pulls a fast one on Indy by being evil (bonus points for banging Henry, Sr.). It's so easy to take for granted the other things that turn out so well because they've been this way throughout the entire series (music and cinematography, art direction), but the new dynamic that Crusade executes so well is the father-son story. We clearly see the tough relationship they've had throughout their lives, but they finally bond over this shared quest. Indy becomes proud of his father (thanks to the birds), and Henry finally is able to show his love for Indy (after he almost goes off a cliff). The final sequence that starts with Henry getting shot by Donovan and ending with Indy healing him is one great big emotional climax in the story. Henry taking a bullet is heartbreaking, not only for Indy but for us, and Indy's progression through the three challenges, surviving only because he's got his dad's diary to help him, is one big payoff for the audience. Last Crusade provides a satisfying conclusion with its personal and much needed light-hearted touch. A

Henry: Genius of the restoration-
Marcus: Aid our own resuscitation!

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