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*Posted May 20, 2008*

I guess I’m forced to write something about Indiana Jones during Indy week. I mean the movies are great, I grew up on them, but they are not as great as Dan and Dave proclaim, and certainly not to the level of the Matrix Reloaded. Let’s take a look at the best scene from each film in the trilogy.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - 1981

Ahh yes, the best movie of the trilogy, and it also produced one of the better scenes in film history.Marion’s headpiece, and the finding of the location of the Well of Souls. Look what this scene has.Director - Spielberg, Producer - Lucas, Actor - Ford, Composer - Williams, not too bad. The lowering of Indiana Jones into the Map room, the using of

Temple of Doom - 1984

The middle installment, which is also a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, is generally considered to be the worst of the trilogy.I basically concur, but Doom is still a fine film and it produces the best chase scene of the entire trilogy.The mine car chase beats out the truck chase in Raiders as well as both the boat and tank chases in Crusade.

(*Editors Note:* Except that the real chase scene in Crusade is the motorcycle chase, Andy)

The Last Crusade - 1989

It was tough to pick a top scene from Crusade.Indy seeing the white panama hat float by in the water, the tomb of Sir Richard, Indy’s fight with Vogel on the tank, the cool old knight, etc are all excellent, but I was always fond of the final moment, the final scene.It has Indy riding off into the sunset with his father and his top two sidekicks, Sallah and Marcus Brody.

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