Sunday, April 26, 2009


The first superhero franchise to reboot, its success caused Superman and Hulk to follow suit.

Christian Bale - The best Bruce Wayne to date. I'm still not a big fan of his growling Batman voice though. (9/10)

Liam Neeson - I was blindsided by Liam Neeson's villainous reveal. He was great just as Ducard, but as Ra's al Ghul, his performance was the highlight of the movie. (10/10)
Cillian Murphy - A bit of a scene stealer, I was very impressed with what he did with the usually boring Scarecrow character. (8/10)

Katie Holmes - The only misfire in the whole movie. (2/10)

Cinematography - They use Chicago as a gritty substitute for Burton's gothic sets. I like it. (9/10)

Art Direction - New bat logo and suit: THUMBS UP! The Bat-Tumbler: THUMBS DOWN! (6/10)

Music - The new soundtrack rules just as much as Elfman's original. (10/10)

Plot - The League of Shadows, led by Neeson, uses Scarecrow to vaporize the water supply and turn Gotham mad? It's a little complicated and sophisticated, but it's refreshing to get a plot that makes you think. Plus, we finally get a Batman origin story. (10/10)

Supporting Characters - Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, the dirty cop, and Rutger Hauer! (10/10)

My Personal Ranking - I love this movie. (10/10)


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