Sunday, April 26, 2009

GOSSIP: Batman Beats Up Mom?

*Posted July 24, 2008*

It's a good thing Martha Wayne didn't live long enough for her son to hit her. Unfortunately, Christian Bale's mom is not so fortunate. The definite story is that Bale's mom (a professional clown, or Joker you might say) and sister went to the police station to accuse him of assault. They didn't call the cops at the scene, and the cops waited a day and let Bale turn himself in. He was questioned and release without charge. The gossip is that the altercation was an argument about money. When Bale's parents split, he chose his father and they moved to L.A. That always left things a little strained with the other half of the family. Bale invited his mom and sister to the London premiere (how nice of him), but in the hotel room, they supposedly tried to hit him up for money (to the tune of 100,000 pounds (more in real dollars). That's why he shouted and went nuts, and the "contact" is somehwere between a nudge and a shove. Nobody fell down. Nobody got hurt. I'm siding with Bruce Wayne. How about you?

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